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This is the only way to get a Starter Kit and the 24% discount on all future purchases. Being a member does NOT mean you have to sell anything, just means you get the discount!

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IMPORTANT: This number should be the member ID of whoever introduced you to Young Living! To make sure you’re joining my team, make sure the numbers 2369682 are entered in the Enroller and Sponsor fields. If a friend referred you here, make sure you enter their ID number when you click on the button above to join their team.

STEP 1: Choose your Premium Starter Kit. There are several options here. If you want to get started with oils, select between the Dewdrop, Desert Mist or Aria diffuser kits. The only difference between them is the diffuser. My favorites are the Dewdrop and the Aria!

If you’re not ready to jump in with oils quite yet, there are also the Thieves, Savvy Minerals, and NingXia Red starter kits available.

STEP 2: Set up your Essential Rewards monthly wellness box.
Right above where it says Step 2 on the screen, check the box to “use your Premium Starter Kit as your first Essential Rewards order.” That way you’ll get a free oil and $10 on your account that you can use for a future order. If you don’t want to continue ordering monthly, you can easily cancel later!

Quick note about ER: Essential Rewards is completely optional. It’s free to start and you can cancel at any time. It is the most affordable way to kick toxins out of your home and replace them with safe products. You will earn money back on every order AND freebies! Young Living offers cleaning products, as well as product lines specifically for kids, babies, pets, men, skincare, and makeup! Rather than stocking up these things monthly at Target, we just order from Young Living and have it delivered to us instead!

It will prompt you to setup next month’s Essential Rewards order. I have some recommendations below or I always suggest choosing the Thieves Essential Rewards bundle!

Essential Rewards

  • Thieves Household Cleaner (the only cleaner we use in our home)

  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

  • Gentle Baby (a must-have for baby/toddler moms)

  • Orange (love to diffuse this and also use to whiten our teeth!)

  • Cedarwood (for all the sleeps)

  • Valor (boosts confidence and smells like blueberries)

  • Joy (pure happiness in a bottle)

  • If you have kids, Young Living has an entire kids line called KidScents that are pre-diluted for your littles!

  • Click here for even more ideas!

STEP 3: Continue Enrollment. If you want to add anything to your order—maybe an oil, makeup, or one of the items I listed above—you can do that here. Otherwise, just click Next.

STEP 4: Enter your Member information.
On this page, you will fill out your name info, choose your username/password, and agree that you’ve read the Terms & Conditions.

STEP 5: Shipping & Payment.
Enter your payment information and select a shipping option. I recommend choosing at least the 3-5 business day option!

STEP 6: Checkout.
Confirm that everything is correct and complete your order. Your Starter Kit is officially on its way to you!

STEP 7: Join our community!
Shoot me an email so I can get you plugged into our Facebook group and all of our resources!


Frequent Asks


No, not at all. You will NEVER be required to sell, host parties, or do anything like that. We do things differently on this team. Our goal is about rethinking our approach to wellness by supporting ourselves & our families in a natural way. When you become a wholesale member, you get a unique link that you can share with friends that are interested so that you can get credit from their purchases, but there are no minimum sales amounts at all. Most Young Living members don’t sell the oils (92% of them in fact). They are buying from Young Living because they value quality essential oils for their own personal use. If you ever decide you'd like to make some extra income, I will happily share everything I know about making this business work for YOUR lifestyle so that you can be successful.



Who you sign up with to get your kit is SO important. When you join my team, Wild & Well, you are also joining an incredible, supportive team to help you on this new journey! Our private Facebook group is a great resource for asking about specific oils, recipes, or any other general questions. We have handbooks and tons of resources to help you get started and learn more.

Here’s a little cheat sheet for the oils you’re about to get in your kit:
+ Lavender (so versatile, but wonderful for skin + little ones)
+ Peppermint Vitality (digestive + respiratory support, nervous tummies)
+ Lemon Vitality (detoxing, add to water, immune boosting)
+ Frankincense (glowy/aging skin, calming, rest)
+ Thieves Vitality (immune supporting, cleansing)
+ Citrus Fresh Vitality (immune support, mood boost, freshens smells)
+ Raven (chest rubs, sleeping well in winter months)
+ DiGize Vitality (all things digestion)
+ PanAway (post-workout muscles, temples after long days)
+ Stress Away (stress relief, sleep, perfume)
+ Peace & Calming (relaxing, sleep support, amazing for kids)
+ Valor (promotes courage/bravery, helps sleep/bad dreams)



Good question! I know you’ve probably seen ridiculously cheap oils on Amazon and even Target (gasp!). Simply put, you are getting what you pay for. Young Living is the only company that owns their own farms, guarantees that no pesticides or herbicides were used in the growing process (they weed their crops by hand), have their own testing equipment, do 3rd party testing, only use the first distillation of oils, and do not add chemicals or synthetics. Buying from Young Living means that you are trusting ONE company for the entire process—beginning with the pure soil they plant in to the final sealing of the bottle. I am using these oils on my skin, on my kids, and even use the Vitality line internally…so I am more than happy to invest in the best quality.


Nope! There are no minimum monthly purchase requirements. There is an optional monthly subscription called Essential Rewards where you get to choose what you want each month and you receive 10-25% back on each order. I personally get our supplements, makeup, skincare, body wash, laundry soap, cleaner, etc. all from Young Living so this subscription makes sense for our lifestyle.


  • Reduced flat-rate shipping

  • Change your order monthly based on your needs

  • Schedule your ship date monthly

  • Cancel at any time

  • Earn monthly freebies through Young Living

  • Earn points to redeem for free products

    • Months 1-3 earn 10% back in points, months 4-24 earn 20% back, and months 25+ earn 25% back

  • Earn free gifts at months 3, 6 9, and 12 as a thank you for your loyalty!

Once my kit arrives, then what?

I will shoot you an email that will walk you through your kit and how to use it. You’ll also be in our Facebook group where we post daily education and ways to use your oils. You’ll be able to join any of our classes that interest you (think topics like emotions, cleaning, back to school, etc.) and post questions so we can help you with anything you need.


I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about oils and reducing the toxic load in your life. If ever you have questions, please reach out to me!