The Business

What does this business look like? It’s simple. This business is about people who encourage others by sharing their unique story and supporting the friends that have joined us on this wellness/toxin-free lifestyle. We fell in love with our oils, we shared our experiences with them, our friends wanted to know more, and from that we’ve created this beautiful community.

This business is built on passion and a desire to help people. So if you love people, you want to reduce the toxic load in your life and help others do the same, this business is for you.

Why Wild & Well?


We believe in finding clean products over toxic ones that cause harm.
We believe in educating ourselves so that we can make better choices for our family.
We believe that there is always room at the table for anyone that wants to know more.

You can definitely sit with us!

In our Wild & Well community, we don’t expect anyone to figure this out alone. We host classes about different Young Living products, provide resources to help you easily share with others and on social media, host business workshops, and help with anything you need to ensure you are confident and successful.

When you purchase a starter kit with someone’s referral link, you are joining their “team.” And same thing once people use your referral link—they join your team! Who you sign up with is so important because you are there for the long haul. This needs to be someone who you know will help with your questions and provides support, education and value. We are ready for you as soon as you are!

What do you I need to start?

The only thing you need is to be a Young Living wholesale member. If you’ve grabbed a Premium Starter Kit, then you’re already set! If you haven’t yet, I will walk you through how to do that—click here to get started.

Once you’re a member, we’ll show you how to find your “referral link” which is what you can share with anyone you know that is interested in this oily lifestyle so they can grab a starter kit, too! And that’s all you need to be successful at this business, my friend.

1. Consistently share your love and experience with Young Living products.

2. Support your friends who have jumped in with you!

Take a look at Young Living’s Income Disclosure so you can see the potential available to you! CLICK HERE.