Hey, I’m Brittany!

Wife, mama, photographer, creative, entrepreneur! I live in Ohio with my husband, Eli, and our 2 babes, Ellie and Caden. You’ll see them around here often. I created this space to share our life & my passions in hope that there’s someone out there who can find encouragement and share some laughs in our story.

Sunshine is my love language.
I prefer my coffee iced, heavy on the cream.
My favorite color is yellow.
I have my dream job of leading and encouraging other women—in wellness & business.

Being an entrepreneur was never on my radar, but when Ellie was born in April 2014 she lit a fire inside me to learn photography so that I could document her life. I read hundreds of blogs and attended workshops all over the country to learn how to do it well. And I am so thankful that little spark turned into a heart-driven business. Now I get to freeze time for my clients and my own babies’ lives.

Ellie wasn’t quite a year old when I found Young Living through a friend. I knew close to nothing about essential oils but I was desperate to help Ellie sleep better and find some emotional support for myself as a new mom. Once I saw the transformations they were making for us, I was all in. Skip to 2016 and I realized the business opportunity was built around community and fitting work into my life—not the other way around. Here we are in 2019 and I work on my own terms, usually in my pajamas and alongside my closest friends to lead a team in a toxin-free lifestyle that I am so passionate about.

So welcome to my little space where I share my life, dreams and adventures. And if you want to learn more about my photography or working from home to be with your babies, I’m your girl.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, I’m here for you.


More questions about me or what I do?