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This is my little space where I can be creative and share things I love. Here you'll find lots of pictures of my babies, a little bit about homeschool, essential oils, and my photography. I hope you stick around for a while! XOXO.


Just an adventure-seeking momma sharing her love of photography & oils.



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Nice To Meet You

I'm Brittany Remington—a wife and momma to two beautiful, little humans. I’m also a photographer, your go-to “oily lady” and a homeschool newbie.

I'm a small town girl constantly dreaming of living on the beach or adventuring to the mountains with my husband, Eli, and our two incredible kids, Ellie and Caden. I love iced coffee, cheese pizza, and I'm the most fickle person on the planet when it comes to paint colors. Really, I'm just a mom getting through the day to day in all of its beautiful chaos.

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