Welcome, friend.

I'm Brittany Remington. Wife. Mama of 2. Photographer. Natural wellness advocate. Homeschool newbie.

I'm a small town girl constantly <i>dreaming</i> of living on the beach or adventuring to the mountains with my husband, Eli, and our two incredible kids, Ellie (4) and Caden (6 weeks). I love iced coffee, cheese pizza, and I'm the most fickle person on the planet when it come to paint colors. Really, I'm just a mom getting through the day-to-day in all of its beautiful chaos.

Welcome to my little space. I love to connect with other like-minded friends + mommas. Here you'll find lots of pictures of my babies, our homeschool routine, vacations, our wellness journey with Young Living (it's hugely transformed our wellness), and random ramblings I need to get out of my head. I hope you stick around for a while! XOXO.